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CAS the COMMUNICATION enabling Middleware

One middleware dedicated to integrating voice communications across Investment Banking, Wealth and Private Banking ​ ​

The focus of the Communication Application Server (CAS) middleware is to collapse the integration complexity, cost and to time to market in ensuring regulated conversations work seamlessly with customers applications and workflows whilst simultaneously delivering a common set of meta data which can be used across compliance, analytics, operations and change management.

CAS achieves this by providing our customers with a single API layer (in REST, .NET, Java or JavaScript) for 3rd party call control that works across the major turret and digital workplace UC devices. CAS monitors all telephony platforms and voice recorders in real time providing a stream of data which can be delivered to a range of services from compliance to digital insights and analytics across the bank.


CAS is built our software using open-source open standards using the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) messaging platform called Ignite Real-Time. Ignite Realtime is an Open-Source community composed of end-users, developers and service providers around the world who are interested in applying innovative, open-standards-based Real Time Collaboration to their apps.

CAS software addresses the fundamental priority expressed in many banks’ investor relations events, in that their seeking to deploy solutions that can be repeated and extended into multiple personas across wealth, private and investment banking.


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How does our software make life better for our customers?

Greater Agility

A common middleware that works across all of a banks regulated personas, collapses the concept to market hurdles for application owners. A single instance of CAS has been tested with IPC Unigy® Bluewave® API to support 16,000 calls an hour. Developers seeking to utilise individual API’s will have to undertake their own resiliency testing ahead of production rollout. comitFS own CAS software has already undertaken this testing with the turret manufactures API’s.

Greater Speed to Market

A common middleware that works across the banks entire regulated persona, collapses the concept to market timelines for application owners. For example, once a common middleware has been deployed, subsequent project time to market can be contracted as key milestones, such as security and architectural conformance which have already been secured.

External Costs

Buying one-off software from vendors creates a challenging a tough environment to control costs, especially against a background of rising inflation. Procuring one global middleware for all 3rd party call control across wealth, private and investment banking, provides leverage for customers to control costs.

Internal Cost

Developers are highly prised individuals and therefore are an expensive resource to fund. Turret API call control is significantly more complex than traditional digital workplace API’s from Cisco or Microsoft. Our developers are subject matter experts in turret API’s, two of the turret manufacturers APIs in production trading floor today were written by developers that now work for comitFS. This means we have in-depth knowledge to accelerate developers understanding and consumption of these APIs with their application. The end result for our customers is developers’ complete integrations quicker, reducing customers costs.

Accelerating Customers Digital First Strategies

Traditionally, our CAS middleware has focused on adding high touch call control to the regulated sell-side persona in banks. The emergence of Microsoft Azure Communication Services (ACS) allows us to extend our services by allowing E-Trading and Wealth Application product owners to elevate their application to embrace omni-channel collaboration. Effectively we can enhance the buyside engagement in an sell-side app by adding voice, video, screen sharing into the app. Critically these Omni-channel collaborations, can work seamlessly with the regulated Sales Traders and Financial Advisor devices and their recording estate.

CAS the COMMUNICATION enabling Middleware