Superior Client Interaction

Frictionless high touch workflow between regulated devices and customers CRM assets

Global Swiss Investment & Wealth Bank

High Touch workflow integration with Salesforce

Top 5 Global
Investment Bank​

Integration with In-House CRM

Transformational Services

Driving traders’ productivity between regulated devices and the desktop

UK Bank with majority of profits generated in Asia

Trader Voice Global Transformation

Top 5 Global
Investment Bank​

Skype to Microsoft Teams ​ Transformation

Operational & Analytics Oversight

Embracing automation to..
  • Test regulated persona devices is working
  • Extract voice data from legacy vaults
  • Provide insight and context to real-time conversations

Top 10 US
Investment bank

End of Life Voice Recording Records

Top 5 Global
Investment Bank

Automating Testing of Regulated Devices

World Largest Financial Services Company

Extraction of CDR’s & Voice Recordings from Nice and Verba