Extraction of CDR’s & Voice Recordings from Nice and Verba

The banks product teams strategic priority is to deliver value above and beyond chat, news, and pricing, by offering a new services which secures a share of wallet in customers compliance spend. Today the customer offers a service to ingest structure and unstructured data into their vault, thereafter they provide a 360-degree holistic proactive surveillance and analytic service.

The customer was seeking to extract data from their customers voice recording solutions (NICE NTR and VERBA), they elected to work with a comitFS to extract the data before creating a framework to ingest this data into their vault.

comitFS CAS Automated Data Extraction (ADE) solution provides a highly structured and automated process to deliver data into the customer’s vault.

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Allow the customer developers to focus on innovating their vault compliance surveillance tools by purchasing a trusted software that can extract voice recording from all major vendors

CAS ADE provides an automated capability to extract CDR and Voice Files from NICE NTR and VERBA using the CAS API’s and on request.

CAS ADE extracts data from the Banks storage archive and moves them to a common location for processing

Half a dozen customers consume services from comitFS to undertake a daily extraction of data from voice recorders (Nice NTR and Verba) into the financial services provider’s vault be that on-premise or a Cloud.

The automation software provides a detail audit trail to validate the voice recordings have been successfully transferred.