Established in 2004, comitFS embarked on a mission to become the premier enabling middleware solution, ensuring the seamless integration of regulated conversations on devices within customer applications. Today, our esteemed directors boast a collective experience of 100+ years in technology and service provision for trading floors and financial organizations.

To date, amongst the growing list of comitFS customers, four of the world's top 10 investment banks, based on fees, have chosen comitFS

What sets comitFS apart is our unique API middleware, CAS (Communication Application Server), which spans across all major turret vendors and digital workplace operators, including BT, IPC, Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft Teams. The CAS application serves as the bridge between business applications, PBX systems, and third-party components. By abstracting from telephony protocol requirements and specific platform settings, CAS streamlines integration.

CAS transforms workflows across various banking sectors, catering to wealth, private, corporate, and investment banking. Our customers benefit in the following ways:

Accelerated Development and Agility: CAS provides developers with a single API to code against, fostering development speed and agility.
Cost Control: CAS software scales seamlessly across multiple user personas, driving significant cost savings.
Mainstreaming Digital-First Plans: Our solution blends high-touch conversations with desktop apps, aligning with digital-first strategies.
Regulatory Compliance: CAS supports regulatory requirements by ensuring that media remains on the regulated user device.

In an era where collaboration is paramount for team productivity, CAS plays a pivotal role in connecting the Front, Middle, and Back Office. By seamlessly integrating disparate systems, our application fosters efficient communication across diverse groups, contributing to the overall success of your organization.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

‘Our Corporate vision is to provide global compliant communication and collaboration through Integration, Insights and Innovation’​

‘Our Corporate mission is to integrate high touch, regulated, communication into the workflow of Traders and Wealth Managers, providing insights and innovation to deliver a compliant and collaborative trader community’​

Customer Satisfaction​- To ensure that all our activities are conducted with the best interest of our clients aiding their insights and workflow productivity.​

Integrity​ - To act within the best interests of the comitFS and our clients with honesty and ethical principles.

Innovation​ - To rapidly develop and deploy innovative software that helps Traders and Wealth Managers secure insights and aids the workflow.

Accountability and Teamwork ​ - To always take personal accountability in supporting our clients and one another.​


Jappy-Managing Director

Jappy Takhar

Managing Director

Chris Manderson-Director

Chris Manderson


Oliver Kemmis-CTO and Director

Oliver Kemmis

CTO and Director of Consultancy Services

Phillip Bungey-Company Chairman

Phillip Bungey

Company Chairman