Ready for Business (R4B)

The CAS Ready for Business (R4B) software delivers an automated proactive set of testing that replicates the monotonous work an engineer would undertake, but on a scale not possible without a huge investment in engineering resources.

How does CAS R4B meet the Compliance Requirements for our customers?​

The CAS R4B delivers a complete oversight without a linear increase in FTE costs
The CAS R4B ensures the trader voice engineering teams invest their time in high value tasks
The CAS R4B solution works across all major turret, standard voice, MS Teams and digital workplace devices
The CAS R4B helps to ensure that regulated user devices are working before the start of the trading day 
The CAS R4B provides evidential reports and alerting to test the devices daily or after a weekend upgrade. Our software helps demonstrate reasonable steps are being undertaken to ensure that all regulated trading floor devices are being recorded to policy.