Automatic Testing of Regulated Users and Associated Turrets or Standard Devices

The customer’s strategic priority is to embrace all aspects of automation, their primary objective being to increase the level of oversight on regulated users and associated devices and the voice recordings. The customer was seeking an independent set of automated testing outside of those available from their voice recording product.​

comitFS Ready for Business (R4B) was deployed across the customers IPC Unigy and Cisco deployment. Today it provides a significant increase in the level of oversight, adding a set of proactive testing before and at the end of the trading day.

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Remove the need for a person on site validating a trading device and checking the voice recordings before the start of the trading hours. It collapses the manual effort of testing a devices or recording following a software patch. Ensures the bank's database of recorded users matches the configuration of the Cisco and Trader Voice estates

Customer can schedule automated health check calls onto devices, the tests include:

Any handset
Any speaker
Any private wires
Audio quality metrics
Validate CDR generated from calls with those captured by the voice recorders

Operational staff were able to proactively respond to faults and take remedial action, often before the trader started working

Operational staff were able to demonstrate a huge increase in testing without a linear increase in people costs

Operational staff were able to demonstrate they are embracing the banks strategic priorities for automated tooling