Communication & Collaboration

With the comitFS Directors having 100 consolidated years’ experience in and around trading floors we know E-Trading App and Smart Automation is a prerequisite demanded by the buyside.

Having said that, frictionless high touch collaboration during times of complexity remains the gold standard valued by the buyside. Today we’re seeing a huge increase in the sell side desire to drive the productivity of sales traders to serve more customers without compromising the high touch engagement.

The priority of many CRM owners is to ensure every inbound and outbound conversations triggers instant and relevant contextual information presented in the Sales Trader CRM app. Furthermore, CRM owners are seeking to capture the meta data and the sales notes to mine this data to uncover real-time next best actionable insight for the sales traders. For application owners comitFS single middleware collapses complexity, cost and time to market as developers only develop against a single API for their turret and digital workplace UC devices.

If delivering superior high touch client integration with the sales trader’s desktop applications is high on your agenda, then please reach out.