Analytics & Compliance

With the comitFS Directors having 100 consolidated years’ experience in and around Trading floors we appreciate the importance of capturing every conversation. In 2022 we’ve rolled out our automated Ready for Business software to two of the top 5 global investment banks by fees.

Our Ready for Business Software (R4B) replicates a test an engineer would undertakes but on a scale that would historically require more engineers. This investment is helping our customers deliver a superior experience to traders as they are no longer the first line of defence in determining whether their regulated turret is working. It also serves to embrace our customers strategic priorities of deploying smart automated software ensuring highly valued trader voice engineers can focus on meaningful undertaking. Our R4B software works across all mainstream digital workplace devices including Cisco & Avaya. Our development plans continue at pace, in a recent trip to New York we presented our R4B software working with Microsoft Teams.

If deploying smart automated software to ensure you’re regulated users’ devices are working is high on your agenda, then please reach out.