Trading floor voice communication

Trading floor voice communication is a vital aspect of the workflow, and at comitFS we understand the challenges the front office Trader’s faces.

Calls from clients often represent an opportunity to grab a slice of a customer’s share of wallet. Banks therefore ensure they deploy Trader Voice technology to help their traders deliver better outcomes. World class technology comes at a price, the cost associated with a Turret Seat is significant, carrying a monthly premium of 200%, compared to standard communication licence such as Microsoft Teams.

Services that can unlock meaningful intelligence of the metadata from inbound and outbound calls on the trading floors turrets assets will always be valued. This is especially true if the insight generated is:

  • Visual, with complex data being simplified in a series of easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Comprehensive, providing detailed low-level access to underlaying source data, for example was the call made on handset, microphone or speaker?
  • Allowing the banks own Business Intelligent Teams to ingest the data, the BI team may uncover Trading teams investing a disproportionate amount of outbound call relative to the profitability of the customer.

Our newly minted software, CAS Oversight has just moved into beta release. Our priority is to help customers unlock the call metadata from every conversation. We’ve concentrated our efforts to assist three key personas who are intimately familiar with the Trade Flow:

Head of Desk – This persona operating recognises the importance of the conversations helping to deliver superior business outcomes. Having a slow response or worst still no one answering an inbound call rapidly undermines the trader-client relationship.

Head of Support – Passionately care about validating the turret is working. During the trading day they are seeking validation that calls generated on turrets have corresponding metadata captured by their voice recording software. Critically, finding out about errors once the trading day is concluded, doesn’t deliver the proactive oversight demanded by many regulators.

Trader Voice Product Manager – Product Owners priority is to provide the best possible environment in which the regulated persona can deliver a differentiated trader-client interaction. However, they also must validate the trader floor is being fully consumed, so utilisation stats of turret, private wires are DDI lines are important to ensure trader floor investment is fully optimised.

CAS Oversight solution provides a series of out-of-the-box dashboards covering missed calls from a customer, inbound calls, outbound calls, DDI/Private Wire/User utilisation, CDR correlation of call made against those in the recorder and the origin of the call itself, Handset, Microphone & or Speaker.

If your goal is to unlock intelligence from every conversation on your Trading Floor, then please reach out to Jappy Takhar or myself for a demonstration of CAS Oversight.

Eugene Land
Head of Sales & Business Development
+44 (0) 7793 857 322