Robotic Process Automation to delete personally held phone data

Robotic Process Automation to delete personally held phone data

I’ve always loved the comitFS architecture, it provides a huge amount of flexibility in helping our customers achieve better business outcomes.

Today we deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software to run a walk the floor style test to validate the regulated persona Turrets/Cisco devices are working before the start of the trading day.

Our customer was planning to decommission their Cisco estate. The customer required a fully auditable process to demonstrate all data held on their phones was permanently deleted before disposal. Thereby addressing the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) obligations in America & Europe.

The normal practice would be to wipe each device on the customers estate manually. Whilst not complex, humans can make errors and the cost can escalate especially at satellite sites where an accredited engineer must often be hired for an entire day when the task can be completed in an hour or two.

Our customer challenged comitFS to move beyond third party call control to embracing RPA to access and then delete profile data on every device. The comitFS dev-ops team is able to send our third-party call control commands to the Cisco Admin UI, which initiates the wipe on the customers Enterprise Cisco estate.

By instructing the device to initiate a factory reset, comitFS doesn’t have access to the personal data. Automating the process offered several positive outcomes, these included: -

  • Time, the task could be completed at a time and place of the customer choosing
  • The project manager didn’t have to manage logistics of allowing people on site
  • Automation offers lower TCO against a completely manual process

But the most important outcome was reducing risk, in that RPA doesn’t forget to undertake a test, this allows our customer to demonstrate obligations regarding deleting personal data under PII is being discharged.

If increasing the level of automation on your regulated device is a priority, then please reach out to the comitFS team to see how we can help.

Eugene Land
Head of Sales & Business Development
+44 (0) 7793 857 322