Project Transformation

Project Management which delivers for the front office​

Our project management team only works within the Capital Markets Sector, today ​50% of our Program Management time is invested in projects unrelated to comitFS portfolio.
​ Our Project Management expertise includes, Microsoft Teams, Verint FC, NICE NTR, Voice Recording API's, Automation & Salesforce
Our technical knowledge of Trader Voice is extensive, a third of our workforce has worked for one of the major turret manufacturers writing code for API’s. This experience helps us be subject matter experts in helping our customers embed high tough turret and digital workplace conversations to work alongside virtually any desktop application.

We select resources carefully, based on listening to our Clients priorities.​ ​

We assign either technical programme consultants or classical programme managers.​ ​ ​

Deploy our permanent in-house resource​ Deploy one of our half dozen long term contractors​ Leverage our network, introduce new subject matter expert

We will add resources during the Project creation and the initial sign-off phase. These resources can be used to speed up the delivery of the project as needed.

Our mission is to be the catalyst to support our Customers goals.​ ​

We’ll always take the responsibility when unexpected events impact timelines and deliver.