🚀 Exciting News: Today, and comitFS Unveil a Strategic Partnership! 🤝

Thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between and comitFS, geared towards turbocharging productivity for high-touch traders through the power of FDC3. 🌐📈

🌐 Tapping into FDC3 for Accelerated Productivity: Both parties are on a mission to elevate high-touch traders' productivity by leveraging the capabilities of FDC3.

💼 Empowering FDC3 App Partners: FDC3 App Partners within can now seamlessly integrate Start Call intents into their applications. Picture this: An OMS partner initiates a Start Call alongside time-sensitive tasks like a Request for Quote (RFQ). Traders experience a streamlined workflow, making calls directly from the OMS app without leaving their turret.

📲 Next Best Action at Your Fingertips: Every conversation within now triggers "Next Best Action" buttons in the Messaging Notification center, enhancing the user experience.

🔄 Seamless Start Call Intent Across CAS Connected Turrets: comitFS CAS software ensures that the Start Call Intent seamlessly operates across all CAS-connected turrets, providing a unified experience for users.

🔗 Raising Intents for Context: CAS clients now boast the capability to "raise intents for context," allowing every conversation to dynamically share context across desktop applications. For instance, a call triggers a one-click button, opening a client-specific workspace encompassing OMS, Bloomberg, CRM, and News.

🤝 Exciting Partnership Ahead: Personally, I am eagerly anticipating the collaborative journey with the team. Together, we're set to redefine the landscape of trading technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting chapter of innovation and partnership! 🚀🌐 #InteropcomitFSPartnership #FintechInnovation #TradingTechnology #FDC3 #comitfs

Eugene Land
Head of Sales & Business Development
+44 (0) 7793 857 322