CAS Intelligent Conversations

IPC are about to release a new API that allows pristine audio to be captured from the turret, with the increased maturity of transcription and machine learning technology. We feel 2023 will see the mainstream adoption of transcription services because they are able to deliver real-time context and insight to make traders more productive

These are the use cases we’re currently exploring:
  • Trade Reconstruction

Today chat-parsing technology is already incorporating details directly onto trading platform. It’s a logical extension to therefore see voice-parsing technology incorporating details into trading platforms.

  • Blotter Construction

The context parameters of a trade can be captured and parsed including the time, asset class, stock, action, deal structure, duration, volume and price. This information can be instantly presented into a Traders Blotter, Traders would no longer have to key in the historic data, the role changes to one of reviewing and editing the data automatically presented into the blotter

If you’re seeking to embrace Intelligent Conversations to drive trader productivity, then please reach out

Eugene Land
Head of Sales & Business Development
+44 (0) 7793 857 322