CAS Client

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How does the CAS Client enhance customers?

The CAS Client collapses the time and effort needed by developers to embed high touch trader voice conversations to work alongside virtually any application by allowing a number appearing on a browser to be dialled, the call control remains on the traders regulated turret.

The CAS Client enlarges the trader’s community, by ingesting contacts from Outlook, Teams, a Banks Corporate Directory and the Trader Voice contacts such as Speed Dials, Private Wires or Enterprise Contacts. These are easily searchable and dialable or quicky resolved when an inbound call is received.

The CAS Client captures and displays the full call history such as, outgoing, incoming, missed and shared line calls picked up by another trader.

The CAS Client removes the barriers to Microsoft Teams collaboration, one click in our CAS Client can result in Microsoft Teams (Equities Research User) or individual (Head of Energy Research User) being seamlessly invited into a conversation